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Uttarakhand CM Rawat tears into parents on ripped jeans | India News – Times of India

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DEHRADUN: Ripped jeans paves the way for societal breakdown and is a result of the “bad example” parents set for children, which also leads to substance abuse, Uttarakhand CM Tirath Singh Rawat said at a workshop on substance abuse on Tuesday.
“Kyanchi se sanskaar (culture by scissors) — showing bare knees, wearing ripped denim and looking like rich kids — these are the values being given now. Where is this coming from, if not at home? What is the fault of teachers or schools? Where am I taking my son, showing his knees and in tattered jeans? Girls are no less. Is this good? All of this, in a mad race of westernisation. While the western world follows us, doing yoga… covering their body properly, we run towards nudity,” he said.

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