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‘My autonomy violated’: Activist Disha Ravi’s statement on her arrest in toolkit case | India News – Times of India

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NEW DELHI: Climate activist Disha Ravi, who came into the limelight after her arrest in the toolkit case, recounted her recent ordeal in a detailed statement released on social media.
In a four-page statement, the 21-year-old Bengaluru-based activist said that the “seekers of TRPs” violated her autonomy by splashing her photographs all over the news and pronouncing her actions “guilty”.
“I sat there, unaware of the many abstractions made of me in order to satiate their idea of me,” she said, hitting out at the widespread coverage of her arrest.

Without directly referring to the farmers protest, Ravi wondered why millions are paying the ultimate price for the “greed” of a few hundred.
“Locked in my cell, I wondered when it became a crime to think the most basic elements of sustenance on this planet were as much mine as theirs. Why were millions paying the ultimate price for the greed of a few hundred? Their interest in the lives of those millions is dependent on whether or not they profit and even that interest has a short shelf-life. Unfortunately, so does humanity, if we do not act in time to stop this endless consumption and greed. We are inching closer to our own expiry,” she said.
The activist also expressed her gratitude to those who stood by her during her arrest but noted that she is still among the “privileged” who was lucky enough to get free legal assistance.
” … but what of all those who do not? What of all those still in jail whose stories are not marketable? What of the marginalized that are not worthy of your screen time? What of those who face the world’s brazen indifference? Although their physical forms are trapped behind bars because of our collective silence, their ideas continue to live on as will the united resistance of the people. Ideas do not die. And, truth, no matter how long it takes, always reveals itself,” she said.
The 21-year-old activist was arrested from Bengaluru in connection with the formulation and dissemination of the toolkit document in the ongoing farmers’ protest.
She was one of the editors of the toolkit document, which was shared by teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

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